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Global MBA – Joint with IESA (Caracas), ITAM (Mexico City), and UniAndes (BogotÁ)

The Global MBA is a dual degree option for Tulane MBAs and MBAs from partner schools to receive a Master of Global Management (MGM) from Tulane in conjunction with their MBA curriculum. The Global MBA is a 36 hour program comprised of 17 hours of core MBA courses plus the Global MBA curriculum. The Global MBA curriculum is an international business concentration covering international leadership and teambuilding, global strategy and competition, negotiations, international finance, and global supply chains. These courses comprise 19 semester credit hours they are offered at offered for at several international locations Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

The program cohort is comprised of students from four different universities: Tulane, UniAndes (Bogota), IESA (Caracas), and ITAM (Mexico City). These schools form an alliance to offer this unique curriculum and international experience.

The program will enable you to:

    • Obtain a Global scope and perspective
      • Take courses in five different countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas
      • Benchmark business practices from important global companies at each site
    • Develop inter-cultural leadership and team management skills
      • Work with an intercultural team throughout the program
      • Learn by doing while working on a global strategy and firm
        valuation project for an international company
      • Manage interpersonal relation in a cross cultural context
    • Enhance your career value
      • Increase your global network while obtaining important professional credentials
      • Study with a group of experienced executives from prestigious companies
      • Earn a dual degree: MBA and Master of Global Management


Please contact one of the following people for detailed information about admission requirements and tuition:

    • IESA: Maria Padron
    • ITAM: Alma Rodriguez
    • UniAndes: Luis Bernal and Diana Vesga


Participants will take the following courses in addition to 18 credit hour core management courses at their home institutions.


International Leadership and Team Building
Global Environment
Global Strategy & Competition
International Entrepreneurship
Global Supply Chains
International Finance



International Leadership and Team Building
This course concerns leadership and team development in multi-cultural settings. Leadership is analyzed in terms of personal characteristics of effective leaders. What are the qualities that great leaders possess? How can we develop those qualities in ourselves and in others? Are there cultural differences in leadership? Leadership is also examined from a functional point of view. What are the most important functions of a leader in an organization? What are the best ways for accomplishing those functions? Special attention is paid to decision making and strategic change. The course also covers team performance. How should we form teams? What are the factors that influence team effectiveness? When do teams realize synergies from differences that exist between members? How can a leader foster team effectiveness?

Global Business Environment
This course is the first of a series of three courses dealing with global business and strategy. The purpose of the course is to provide a basis for understanding the fundamentals of international business. The course is organized around three major topics: (1) the differences in the business environment across nations from a social, cultural and political perspective as well as the effect of business environment on managerial decisions. (2) Firm’s international expansion and entry strategies. (3) International business operations and management across borders. Although the course is based the general theory on international business, cases and lectures emphasize the Latin American business environment and the opportunities for Latin American companies worldwide. This course also forms the basis for the firm valuation and business strategy integrated project where the students must value a non-US company and present ways to increase the firm value. This project is a one semester credit hour activity which is graded on the final presentation at the end of the program.

International Finance
This course provides an integrated perspective on the subjects of foreign exchange, international risk management, and international financing. Students are exposed to the theory of modern finance in the global context with practical examples.

International Entrepreneurship
This course focuses on planning at the executive level. It begins by building a foundation of techniques and principles applicable to all forms of plans. It then moves to concerns specific to the Asian environment, especially the effects of rapidly changing environment and competition. Unique to this course is the use of local sites and local executives as resources in developing understanding of issues specific to executive level planning in China and other parts of Asia.

Global Supply Chains
The course provides an introduction to global operations and supply chain concepts, tools, and strategies and is targeted to executives and general managers. The teaching methodology will consist primarily of the case method and will be complemented by readings and lectures. Students will be expected to prepare case write-ups individually and as members of multi-country teams. Cases will be selected to illustrate the challenges and opportunities if operating in international markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Projects will be evaluated by managers from the U.S.

Global Strategy & Competition
This course continues the international business series and focuses on two main objectives: (1) understanding the patterns of global competition in a given industry, what are the forces pushing toward globalization, how do they affect the players, and what are the factors underpinning the success of global competitors in the industry, and; (2) examining the ways to design a strategy for competing efficiently in global markets, how to redesign the value chain of the firm across the globe, and how to successfully enter foreign markets? Although “global” in design, methods and concepts taught, the course will have a “European touch” (textbook, cases selected and lectures dedicated to Europe.)

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