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study abroad
and exchange programs


The Goldring Institute's study abroad programs enable students to live and study in another culture. These programs are offered for a semester or a summer. The purpose of the study abroad program is to develop students' cross-cultural sensitivity and international management skills by focusing on cultural understanding and global strategies that create competitive advantages in international business.

All courses are taught in English by Freeman-affiliated international faculty. At the host institutions abroad, students study in a campus environment. These programs are governed by the BSM and MBA Curriculum Committees and are managed by the staff of the Goldring Institute.


The summer study abroad program occurs at two sites, most recently Madrid and Paris. Courses completed during the summer study abroad are considered Freeman School courses, count as Freeman electives, and will be included in the Tulane grade-point average. This is normally a 4 week program offered during the month of June.


For students who had a 3.00 GPA the previous two semesters and no major violations of the Tulane Code of Student Conduct, the Freeman School offers the opportunity to attend semester study abroad while enrolled in the business school. Presently, there are multiple approved sites.

The Freeman School's semester abroad is a flexible program because students can select the semester in which they go abroad. The curriculum can also be tailored to a student's individual needs. Business courses, language courses and courses pertaining to the specific country in which a student studies are all possible class choices.

Students approved to study abroad must submit their academic plan to their academic advisor and the study abroad adviser for approval the semester before departure. However, students planning on semester abroad should begin the curriculum planning during their Sophomore year to be certain all prerequisites course requirements are met. This planning ensures that the student will be making satisfactory progress toward the BSM or MBA degree while benefiting from an international educational experience.

The semester study abroad program is a direct exchange program with our partner institutions. Therefore, the coursework a student completes at the partner university is considered Freeman School coursework and, thus, is counted in the Tulane grade-point average. Enrolled students pay Tulane University tuition.

Credit for study abroad is permitted only through Freeman School Summer Study Abroad and the Freeman School Semester Study Abroad.

participating Schools

Language of Instruction

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology   English
Curtin University (Perth)   English
University of Queensland (Brisbane)   English
University of Innsbruck (Austria)   English/German
University of Vienna (Austria)   English/German
Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)   English/Danish
EAI Tech (France)   English/French
ESSEC (France)   English/French
MBAI (France)   English/French
Reims Business School (France)   English/French
Sci Po (France)   English/French
Strasbourg School of Management (France)   English/French
ESB Reutlingen (Germany)   English/German
Leipzig School of Management (Germany) (MBA)   English/German
WHU Koblenz (Germany)   English/German
ICADE (Spain) (BSM)   English/Spanish
Mexico and Latin America    
Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina)   Spanish
Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Brazil)   English/Portuguese
INSPER (Brazil)   English/Portuguese
Universidad de Chile (Chile)   English/Spanish
Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)   Spanish
ITESM (Mexico)   English/Spanish
ITAM (Mexico)   Spanish

semester abroad in spain

ICADE Curriculum for Tulane BSM Students
During the Fall and Spring semesters of each year, qualified Tulane undergraduate business students are offered the opportunity to take courses at ICADE in Madrid, Spain. These courses are treated as Tulane courses offered at an offsite location. The course content is managed by the Freeman School and the staffing is arranged by ICADE with Tulane's approval. The following are the courses that are offered by ICADE for the Tulane Semester Abroad program. The students typically take 15 hours, including the requirement to take Spanish Language or place out based upon language proficiency.

Course Offerings at ICADE

  • International Business Management
    Robert Robinson, Instructor
  • Organizational Behavior
    Paloma Bilbao/Helena Fernandez, Instructors
  • International Marketing
    Alfonso P. Fernandez del Hoyo, Instructor
  • Financial Management (A)
    Teresa Corzo Santamaria, Instructor
  • Financial Management (B)
    Rocio Saenz-Diez, Instructor
  • Business Negotiations
    Andreas Steinkogler, Instructor
  • Spanish Language
    ICADE Instructors

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